Kahuna Philosophy

For centuries, the kahuna of Hawaii have used the gifts from nature to care for their people and environment.

The ancient tradition of the kahuna stands outside the empirical nature of western medical practice and allows for a new experience in understanding, help and healing for many people who have only known medicine as practiced in America.  Medical kahuna employ Mana (the highest spiritual power), and the four elements to facilitate the healing capacities of the people they care for. According to kahuna, Mana is more than the basic energies manifested in life. It is the creative force of all life. The conscious ability to direct the elements and Mana correctly, is innate to the work of the Kahu O Mana…… Breath, Touch, Healing and Diagnostics.


The elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) are the building blocks of the physical realities we exist in. All of creation is comprised of various forms and combination of these elemental energies. As the qualities and strengths of the elements interplay with the spiritual aspects of the universe, the formations of our lives develop. Our continued healthy functioning is regulated by these same universal forces. The kahuna of Hawaii have a timeless understanding and respect for these universal laws.


The directing of the elemental energies, which abound in the environment, was pillar to the healing arts practiced by the medical kahuna, along with a variety of physical manipulation techniques, massage, herbal treatments, and spiritual practices. When we are presented with life situations which create distress (physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual), we must make choices as to the way we will best utilize the resources around us to regain our balance and well being. The philosophy, healing techniques, and spiritual beliefs of the ancient Hawaiians address these life situations.

According to ancient teaching there are three bodies that each of us maintain throughout our lives; the physical, the energetic, and the spiritual body. Each of these bodies has it’s own needs, goals and functions. Health and well being happen when there is freedom of movement and interplay between each.

The physical body is the means through which we experience the environment we live in. It provides us the information and sensations which we use to define who we are, how we are, and the quality of our existence. We must provide the physical body with nutrients, fluids, sensations, thoughts, protections and maintenance in order to maintain healthy functioning.

The energetic body is the power source for the physical body, and provides the communication and bonding of the three bodies, The energetic body is composed of elemental energies each having magnetic and electrical current. The quality of energy needed by each part of the physical body is supplied and regulated by the energetic body. The energies provided to the physical body are balanced according to what is needed and where it is needed. The energetic body recharges itself from the environment around it. It is aggressive in finding and using what it needs. When injury or illness affects the physical body, the energetic body increases its output to the areas in need. If the need for energetic resources becomes greater than the amount the energetic body can gather and supply the energetic body begins to exhaust.

The spiritual body provides us with the visions and possibilities ahead of us. It acts as a guide for us to follow as we do the physical thing called life. When the physical body asserts discipline and the energetic body exerts power, the spiritual body can be used to gather information, energetic resources, and healing power from the original source of all creation. The Hawaiians call it Mana (the purest light and power ) which comes from Po ( the great darkness from which creation came ). The information and resources gathered through the spiritual body can be used by the energetic body for healing and growth.

Seeking the best way to understand, find, and use the spiritual body is usually confusing and frightening. We are required to look inside our fears and make choices which promote positive movement. Many cultures call this seeking enlightenment. The spiritual body’s goal of enlightenment is not about living forever, but living fully, with full energy, full health, and full vitality then stepping easily into freedom when the physical body is no longer needed.

Hawaiian Energetics Individule sessions are specific to your personal recuests. It is one of those few times when you arrive are asked “what may I help you with?” and Kaleolani then prepares and provides
the reasources to set the healing in motion.
Healing sessions are done with only your shoes, jewlery, and belts being removed. Your request for physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic needs can be addressed. Your resources and requests are attended to with energetic touch, physical touch, and spiritual touch thru chant and prayer.

Distance healing is also availabe after conversation between you and Kaleolani.

The sessons are always made availabe regardless of financial concerns.
Open caring conversation is always invited and encouraged.

Induividual Healing Session may be scheduled with Kaleolani. He currently lives in San Diego, Ca and is occasionaly teaching and seeing individual people in various locations. Contact him by e-mail, text, or phone at the Ke Kumu number and e-mail.

Kaleolani@kekumi.com    619-677-4700

Individual Healing Sessions

It’s about


 and your




Hawaiian Energetics

Integrating Elemental Energies

Hawaiian Energetics utilizes the resources of the world around us. It’s origins are rooted in the ancient healing teachings of the kahuna of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Energetics 2021
Winter On-line and in-person Schedule






Ke Kumu Talk Story
The second Sunday of each month at 12 pm to 2 pm PST (free)

This is the link for the zoom talk story:  (copy and past) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89509523368
This is a time for Ohana to meet up to have contact with each other, share, and ask questions.
This is also a time when persons interested in learning about Ke Kumu and classes can meet current students.
Any person new to Ke Kumu with interested Please contact Kaleolani prior to the Talk Story time.



June 25, 26, 27, 28  on-line class 3 day class (2 evenings and 2 full days)


Hawaiian Style Cranial Sacral work


This class brings the Hawaiian Healing Arts

and cranial sacral work together. Elementa

l use and energetic flow patterns in the body

will be addressed and technique will

stressed. The class is open to all Hawaiian

Energetics practitioners and students and

may be available to cranial sacral therapists

after some conversation with Kaleolani. The

class is informational and experiential.

VERY intense.

Class Fee:  $255.00 ($50.00 deposit to reserve a place in the class



August 6, 7, 8,9  4    Full Day Sessions

Spaces, Structures, Healing, Magic


I’ve chosen to this class as a support and helpful preparation for the upcoming

Advanced Hawaii training. It is NOT a required class to participate in the

Advanced training.


Our world and universe is a construct of spaces and structure. With divine inspiration and acute observation skills the ancient Hawaiians

understood what they saw, how to live in unity with the environment, and the sacred way of influencing the movement of the elements and creative force of mana. 

The sacred interaction and influence of these forces empowered the Kahuna of old Hawaii in their healings, rituals, chants, and magics to

care for, protect, guide, and provided for the people and deities of the islands. 

Kaleolani is sharing his understanding of what he was taught and has been using everyday for more than 30 years. He is excited to be

sharing this understanding as he enters the next cycle of his dedication to preserve and promote ancient Hawaiian teachings and skills. 

This class is open to all levels of Hawaiian Energetics students and practitioners. 

The class will include “talk story” and experiential practice. 

Class Topics:

The Aloha of Kahuna. 

Understanding The Sacred Structure.

Understanding The Sacred Space .                                              

Navigation of The Sacred Structure and Space.                          

Opening and entering The Sacred Space. 

Understanding what is available and your responsibility.                   

How “it” works

Elemental breath

Use in healing 

What to bring: 




Willingness to be observant

Willingness to be confused while expanding                                                 

Sea salt and a bowl (not styrofoam)

Class fee:  $340.00  ($75.00 deposit to reserve a place in the class)








MOLOKAI  November 6 thru November 11

BIG ISLAND   November 13 thru November 20


Hawaiian Energetics Advanced Training takes the knowledge gained in the initial training, deepens the

understanding and expands the knowledge base. Attention to each student’s individual needs, skills, and

callings is the prominent factor in the development of the training content.

     During the advanced training, each student will learn the relationships between the elements, and the various systems

and organs of the body. An understanding of the body’s physical and energetic structure and function will be examined.

On Molokai each student will participate in Air and Earth experiences for their own healing and initiation with those


On the Big Island each student wit participate in Water and Fire experiences also for their own healing and initiation with

those elements.     

       Excursions to sacred sites and places of energetic power will be taken. The initial training class is required prior to

taking the advanced class.      

       The beginning use of ritual healing, intent, direction, pule (prayer), and inner sight will also be taught. Diagnostic

technique, energetic qualities of various body sections, and development and control of the elements will be stressed.    

The advanced training class takes place on the islands of Hawaii, and Molokai to facilitate the understanding and

experience of the elemental energies of Hawaii and the philosophical foundations of the work.


Class fees:
         Molokai Advanced part 1:    $750.00  ($300.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure a place in this class)
         Big Island Advanced part 2:   $1215.00  ($300.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure a place in this class)










Ed Kaleolani Spencer

Kaleolani has spent over 30 years in the health care field. His traditional medical training provides him with a substantial base upon which to build integrated treatments for the people he cares for. He is trained as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Gestalt Therapist, and in the Ida RoIf method of structural integration.   He has conducted training programs on various forms of body work, counseling, health care, substance abuse, and self improvement at hospitals, social service agencies, and training centers through out the U.S..  Ed has consulted for many hospitals and health care facilities in developing alternative therapy programs in the western medical setting.   Kaleolani is the founder of Ke Kumu, lntegrative Therapies, and co-founded of The AIDS Alternative Health Project,….. all in Chicago.   He began his Hawaiian training in 1986 with Nelita Kapaaloha Po'okui Lonokahikini Peleiholani Kukuilaakaa Anderson, a Kahuna HaHa and Kahuna Lapa'au (kahuna of the ancient healing arts of Hawaii).  Nelita taught Kaleolani in the old ways and required 1 on 1 teaching to insure his skills.   Named Kaleolani, in an Inoa ritual, as a Kahu 0 Mana, he is dedicated to the healing arts of ancient Hawaii.  Using the knowledge he has been given, he now brings Hawaii Energetics to others.

Nelita Kapaaloha Po’okui Lonokahikini Peleiholani KuKuialaakea

Nelita’s birth was foretold by kapuna and kahuna where her family lived. They (the kapuna and kahuna) understood that her birth was of great importance for her people and she would be born with full sight and great skills as a kahuna. They told her parents of the need for her to have the best training for the work she was to do. At age 4 the kapuna came to the family and told them the time had come for her training to begin.

They wanted to take her with them to insure her proper training in all the aspect of Kahuna. Her Tutu (grandmother) stepped forward and told them she would train Nelita. Nelita’s grandmother was a highly respected and ranked Kahuna. She was rigorously tested by the other Kahuna and was found extremely capable to train Nelita. Nelita went to live with her grandmother for the next 20 years to learn all the ancient ways of Kahuna. Her skills as a Medical Kahuna and her abilities in all the ways of Kahuna were exceptional. 

    Nelita began teaching her lineage later in life to selected students to insure that knowledge would not be lost and the healing arts of her lineage would continue.

    Nelita passed this physical life at age 64 and from her freer position continues to guide and complete the training of those that carry her lineage. That commitment was continued for 17 years and is coming to a close soon. Her freedom will be complete and her passing on of the ancient knowledge also complete.

    Mahalo nui loa Kahu for your wisdom and guidance.

na Kaleolani